Construction Timber

Construction timber is used mainly for erecting various types of wooden constructions. The material comes in bulk – either of pine or spruce, with a high-load bearing capacity. Resistant to molds and insects, easy to impregnate, with multi dovetail joinery and of guaranteed quality and moisture content.


Material Item dimensions, cm Length (m) Packing * / unit of measure
width height
pine / spruce Bulky, with multi dovetail joinery, oven- dried with 15% moisture content, planed down, bevelled 6 – 12 8 – 24 to 13.5 m3
pine / spruce DUO and TRIO, double and thrice agglutinate beams, 15% moisture content, planed down bevelled 12- 20 12- 24 to 13.5 m3

* * packed quantities depend on the dimensions