Timber and MFP panels

Construction Timber

Construction timber is used mainly for erecting various types of wooden constructions.

Lathes for Roof Tiles

Used for constructing roof lathe grids, onto which the roof tiles are placed.


Used for exterior and interior facing of walls, facades and eaves.

Grooved Wood Boards

Suitable for constructing terraces, garden paths, pool side platforms and other garden structures, external facings of facades.

Gardening Timber

Impregnation under pressure makes it exceptionally tough to direct sun light and constant humidity.


The MultiFunctionPanel (MFP) with moisture-resistant adhesive combines stability and durability.

TimberWood is a traditional natural building material for attractive, ecological, relatively cheap construction and renovation works. With excellent heat resistant qualities, wood helps to reduce the cost of energy. Applicable for visible and hidden constructions, for original exterior and interior solutions.

Our company offers high-quality timber, made by one of the most renowned manufacturers in Germany. It is intended mainly for three spheres of implementation – construction works, wainscotting and gardens.