Aluminium-plastic top hung and pivot windows PreSelect

Aluminium-plastic top hung and pivot window Fakro PreSelect


  • ppp1Two independent opening mechanisms of the sash: outward and pivot opening. The outward opening function enables the sash to be opened in any position from 0 to 35 degrees, pivot function enables the sash to be rotated through 180 degrees. The outward opening function enables an easy approach to the window and providing a wide view to the outside. An innovative hardware system guarantees full sash stability in both opening functions. Opening method can be switched using the preSelect® sliding switch positioned in the middle of the frame, accessible when the window is open.
  • Aluminium-plastic window made of white PVC profiles, designed for rooms with periodically increased humidity levels (kitchens, bathrooms) as well as laundries, drying rooms or bathing salons with high humidity levels maintained for a longer period. Window available in golden oak finish, as well.
  • Easy operation by the use of handle positioned on the lower part of the sash. Handle equipped with two stage micro-ventilation.
  • Window PPP-V equipped with efficient air-inlet V35.
  • Easy cleaning of outer pane and easy awning blind installation-thanks to the bolt blocking the sash when rotated through 180 degrees.
Technical Specifications: PPP-V U3 preSelect®
window U-value: 1,4 W/m2K
glazing U-value: 1,1 W/m2K
Rw coefficient: 31 dB
glazing: 4H – 16 – 4T
low emission coating: +
inert gass filled panes: +
toughened glass: +
air inlet type: V35
air inlet air flow: 43 m3/h
seals: three
multi-point opening: +
handle: Elegant

Available Sizes (cm):

55×98   66×98   66×118   78×98   78×118   78×140   78×160   94×118   94×140   114×118   114×140   134×98