Escape windows for non-inhabited interiors

box_wylazy_wliAccess roof windows allow easy access onto the roof to perform maintenance work and also to enter light into the room. The roof access window has a top-hung design. The semicircular dome made of polycarbonate glass, opens outwards through 180° and provides easy access to the roof as well as good lighting. The material has good resistance to weather conditions. The metal handle at the bottom part of the window enables the dome to be opened slightly to allow ventilation. Due to the low thermal insulation this roof access window is intended solely for non-inhabited interiors.

WSWS_ – op hung design, semicircular made from polycarbonate dome opens upwards through 180 degrees, providing easy access to the roof, and the effective lighting of the room.




WGWG_ – op hung design, the sash opens upwards. Is available in two versions:

- WGT version with single toughened glass 4H,

- WGI version with integrated toughened glass 4H-10-4H



WLIWLI – top hung design with sash which opens on side. It can be installed in such a

way as to be opened to the right or the left. The applied turn limiter holds the sash stable when opened and prevents it slamming shut accidentally



Available Sizes (cm):

WS_ – 54×75   86×86

WG_ – 46×55   46×75

WLI – 54×83   86×87