Roof windows FAKRO


The well-designed centre pivot allows the sash to be opened in a range of positions, thus increasing the amount of fresh air which can be drawn into the room.


Two independent opening mechanisms of the sash: outward and pivot opening.


Axis of rotation is situated above the centre of the window.


The thermally insulated escape windows are side-hung and therefore side-opening.


Typically installed beneath a standard roof window.

L-shape combination window

The L-Shaped Combination Windows are installed where the roof meets a vertical wall.

Balcony window FGH-V P2 Galeria

Innovative, large roof window in which the open sashes create a balcony.

Димоотводен прозорец FSP

Used for extraction of smoke and heat during a fire.


Access roof windows allow easy access onto the roof to perform maintenance work and also to enter light into the room.


In order to supply interior with natural light where there are no opportunities to install roof or vertical windows.



FAKRO roof windows are a modern ecological product, produced according to the newest technologies, the functionality of which has a multitude of advantages. Thanks to their extremely high quality and excellent technical parameters, these windows are implemented more and more for the usage and utilization of roof space, they disclose new possibilities for the external and internal architecture.

FAKRO roof windows offer you reliability and comfort in using the loft. The various models, types and dimensions of roof windows, as well as the external flashings corresponding to the roofing, make it possible to select an optimal product and to create individual and unique architectural solutions. If you have any questions or need any technical consultation do not hesitate to contact with our specialists, who will be at your disposal.


More Light

Depending on the pitch of the roof, where the skylights are installed, they provide up to 50% better natural lighting for the rooms as compared to façade windows of similar in size.

Durability and reliability

Razrez WoodThe wooden frame is protected on the outer face with polyester coated aluminium, which is highly weather and VV resistant. The fastening screws are from stainless steel. All FAKRO windows are fabricated from specially chosen highest quality pine, which is bonded in layers, vacuum impregnated and double coated. For rooms with increased humidity (kitchens, bathrooms) we offer windows coated with a white, easy to clean polyurethane varnish with increased resistance against humidity.


GlassGlassFAKRO windows are a serial production with toughened hail resistant glazing. The FAKRO Thermo Plus – FTP-V windows are manufactured of low-emission heat reflecting glass packages.


V40PThe built-in ventilation system allows a constant regulated supply of fresh air even when the window is closed. The air inlet channel is extremely efficient and acoustically effective.

Heat resistance and energy efficient glazing

The windows are equipped with energy efficient 4/16/4 glass packages, filled with inert gas for better heat resistance and noise control.



HandleInstalled in the lower part of the window, the handle makes it convenient to manage even highly-placed windows. The handle can also be installed in the upper part of the window.

Roof windows maintenance

The design of hinges used in Fakro roof windows enables the sash to move through 180°. This enables the external window-pane to be cleaned easily.

Air circulation

The handle can be fixed in three positions, which allows circular ventilation.