PVC OptiLight TLP roof window

OptiLight TLPOptiLight TLP roof window is an aluminium-clad plastic structure manufactured with the use of prime quality PVC profiles reenforced from the inside with steel profiles. Such constructed windows are durable and their maintenance is limited to an absolute minimum. The material used in the window production does not absorb water, hence it is particularly recommended for rooms with elevated humidity levels (kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms.

TLP is a centre pivot structure. The main advantage of this design is convenient and safe washing of the external glass surface. The sash can be rotated through 180 degrees and then blocked for washing by means of a bolt.

The sealing system applied, ensures superb window tightness, reducing heat losses as well as eliminating rainwater infiltration.

A handle situated in the lower section of the window ensures usage comfort. The window closing system, apart from keeping the window closed tightly, offers also a micro-opening facility which allows ventilation of the room.

TLP windows are fitted with insulated glazing units. External toughened glass provides increased resistance to mechanical damage, e.g. hailstones and the low emission coating on internal pane limits undesirable heat gain in the room. The window is characterised by an overall heat transfer coefficient of Uw=1.5 W/m2K.

TLP window is equipped with factory pre-fixed lower brackets for window installation on battens in the roof structure. Installation of this type of windows does not require any additional skills as it its substantially no different than installation of timber roof windows.

The window is installed with a universal TZL or TZ flashing which enables durable and tight window integration with roofing.

Available sizes (cm):

55×78   55×98   66×98   66×118   78×98   78×118   78×140   114×118   134×98