Non-permeable roofing membranes TERMOFOL 90

The Termofol 90 non-permeable underlay used in conjunction with EUROTOP high vapour permeability membranes makes it possible to retain proper climatic conditions within the habitable loft spaces. Termofol 90 provides very effective protection against moisture penetrating into insulation and, thanks to a thin layer of aluminium film used, it partially reflects the heat radiating from the loft. It improves effectiveness of heating, cutting energy consumption. Additional underlay reinforcement in the form of polypropylene netting adds to strength characteristics of the product. In order to ensure the possibility of reflecting thermal radiation it is necessary to construct at least 2cm high reflecting space.

Technical parameters TERMOFOL 90:

basis weight [g/m2] 90
resistance to tearing lengthwise N/5cm
crosswise N/5cm
tear resistance
lengthwise N/5cm
crosswise N/5cm
resistance to weather conditions (months) 3
application temperature range [°C] from -40°C to +80°C
vapour permeability coefficient Sd [m] >70
flammability class E
packing [roll/pallet] 50
roll dimensions [m] 1,50 x 50