Hydro Insulating Foil Valmex ® DIVU-TOP M 170

It is a diffusion multilayer membrane for use as fully supported or unsupported roof underlay on tiled or slated pitched roofs. It has a high tear resistance and a unique combination of parameters like waterproofing and water vapour diffusion that enables the fabric to vent moisture whilst remaining fully waterproof, and also guarantees the insulation will remain dry. Its high waterproofing properties also protect the roof against penetration of water from condensation and a leaky outer roof cover. Its technology and materials provide long-term resistance to UV and heat radiation.

Parameter Normative document Value
Weight DIN 53352 155 g / m2
EN 1849
Tensile strength(resistance to tear) DIN 53354 longitudinal 250 N / 5 cm
crosswise 200 N / 5 cm
EN 12311 longitudinal N / 5 cm
crosswise N / 5 cm
Tensile strength (resistance to wrick) DIN 53354 longitudinal 40%, crosswise 20%
Fire resistance DIN 4102 / B2 B2 fulfilled
Water pressure resistance DIN EN 20811 400 cmWS (=mbar)
EN 13111
Water vapour permeability DIN 52615(Klima 23-0/50) 1158 g / m2 x d
EN 1931(Klima 23-0/75)
SD-Value DIN 52614 0,04 m
(Klima 23-0/50)
Heat resistance DIN 53361 - 40°C to + 80°C
EN 1109 / EN 1296
UV exposure tolerance internal company’s instructions EN 1297 3 months
Sizes / Packing
Roll width 1,50 m
Roll length 50 m
Roll total surface 75 m2
Roll weight 12 kg
Packing amount 40 rolls/palet