Wood Loft ladder OptiStep OLE

OLEFolding loft ladder
The OptiStep loft ladder is a new brand of folding loft ladders on the market. This loft ladder combines functionality and high durability at a reasonable price.

Type of loft ladder
– 3-section folding ladder which, when folded, hides in the ceiling freeing space in the loft
– equipped with a red handrail as standard facilitating loft ladder usage.

– box – made of spruce / pine
– adder – pine


– Insulated, “Sandwich” type in white with the thickness of 36 mm and heat transmittance coefficient of 1.1 W/m2K

– equipped with a seal as standard ensuring superior tightness
– braced at the corners with patented hinges making it difficult to change the diagonals

– fitted using dovetail joints for added durability
– equipped with special grooves preventing slipping

Way of fixing
– in the ceiling

– loft ladder completely assembled and ready to be built in

Technical specification:

Maximum safe loading 160 kg
Heat transmittance coefficient Uloft ladder 1,1 W/m2K
Box height 14 cm
Tread width 8 cm
Distance between the treads 25 cm
Tread length 34 cm
Insulation thickness 3 cm
Мaximum room height 280 cm

Dimensions (cm):

60 x 111     60 x 120     70 x 111     70 x 120

* real box dimensions are reduced by 2 cm in width and 1.4 cm in length in comparison with.
Characteristic dimensions.