Loft ladder LWK Comfort

LWK_PlusThe LWK Comfort Loft Ladder is a folding ladder made of highest quality pine wood, supplied with an insulated hatch door, red-painted metal handrail. The hatch door is white on the inside and outside. There is a considerable space between the treads and the hatch door. Such design makes stepping onto the treads easier, thus increasing the ease of using the ladder. Safety grooves are cut into the treads to prevent slipping. Treads are fitted using dovetail joints for added durability.

Technical Specifications: LWK Comfort
maximum safe loading: 160 kg
insulation coefficient: 1,1 W/m2K
box hight: 14 cm
tread width: 8 cm
distance between treads: 25 cm
tread length: 34 cm
tread thickness: 2 cm
hatch insulation thickness: 3 cm
ladder weight: 29 – 32 kg
Maximum height up 270 cm – 305 cm
Available Sizes (cm):

55 x 111       60 x 111       60 x 120       60 x 130       60 x 140       60 x 94       70 x 94       

70 x 120       70 x 130       70 x 140