Loft ladder LST with metal scissors construction

LSTThe LST loft ladder provides an easy and safe access to the loft. The scissors construction makes ladder folding possible. A 36 mm thick, white, heat-insulating hatch with an insulation coefficient of 1.1W/m2K significantly reduces heat loss. Aperipheralsealinthe lower part of the box guarantees first-classtightness. The S-shaped strings give a modern appearance and perform the role of a handrail, facilitating climbing the ladder.

The scissors system of folding the ladder and the possibility to lock the hatch in a fully open position ensure an ease and safety of operation. The small ladder dimensions (50×80), achieved thanks to the unique system of folding, allow the ladder to be installed in smaller openings. Safety is ensured by the application of rounded side supporters and remaining hardware which do not pose any risk of injury. The outer (visible) side of the hatch is smooth without any visible fixing elements.

Technical Specifications: LST
maximum load: 200 kg
insulation coefficient: 1.1 W/m2K
height of the casing: 14 cm
width of the step: 8 cm
distance between the treads: 25 cm
tread length: 34 cm
thermo-insulation thickness: 3 cm
Maximum height up 270 cm

Available Sizes (cm):

50 x 80      60 x 90       60 x 120       70 x 80       7x 120