Rope hoists GEDA Mini 60 S, Maxi 120/150 S

Rope hoist GEDARope hoists for scaffolding work. The handy drive unit do not have to be transported upwards. They are fixed at the bottom of the scaffold and only the light swivel arm is mounted to the scaffold at the required height. Big advantages are the fast mounting of the drive unit and a quick transfer of the swivel arm. The normal maximum working height of the hoist is 40 m but can be extended to 76 m by relocating the winch to a higher level. Two lifting speeds, overload protection and slack rope device plus the many load carrying devices make these fast scaffold hoists also ideal for the efficient and safe transport of building material.

Technical Data
Load Capacity
Lifting Height
Power Supply
Lifting Speeds
Mini 60 S
60 kg
max. 76 m
230 V, 0.75 kW, 1×16 A
23/69 m/min
Maxi 120 S
120 kg
max. 76 m
110/230 V, 1.35 kW, 1×16 A
20/60 m/min
Maxi 150 S
150 kg
max. 76 m
230 V, 1.35 kW, 1×16 A
15/45 m/min