Rope Hoists for inclined and vertical montage GEDA-LIFT

Rope hosts Geda LiftThe GEDA-Lift has been in production for many years and is a popular and reliable transport system for roofers and general builders. The aluminium inclined hoist offers a simple, fast and reliable solution for lifting material and has the right load carrying device for each building material. Apart from the single-speed versions -”Standard” and “Comfort” – the two-speed version GEDA-Fixlift is especially appreciated by roofers because of its higher lifting speed. The load capacity can be selected using two types of aluminium ladder sections: normal sections for 200 kg or reinforced sections for 250 kg.

Technical Data
Load Capacity
Lifting Height
Power Supply
Lifting Speeds
150/200 kg
19/40 m
230 V, 1.00 kW, 1×16 A
25 m/min
200/250 kg
19/40 m
110/230 V, 1.30 kW, 1×16 A
30 m/min
200/250 kg
19/40 m
230 V, 1.20 kW, 1×16 A
19/38 m/min