Passenger and material hoists GEDA 7 P / 15 P

Passenger and material hoists GEDA 7 P / 15 PThe passenger and material hoists GEDA 7 P and GEDA 15 P have been constructed in compliance with the German Regulations for Building Hoists TRA 1100 as well as EN 12159 and are designed for the require¬ments on construction sites. Characteristics of these machines are the hoist cage, the base enclosure with mechanically and electrically locked sliding door which is blocked from all sides and the control of the hoist from any loading or unloading point as well as from the hoist cage or from the ground station. The well-known GEDA steel masts support the easy assembly from inside the hoist cage. A control for the pre-selection of landing level stops is also available.

Technical Data

triangular steel mast 1.5 m

Type Load Capacity Lifting
Power Supply
Lifting Speeds
7 P 600 kg / 7 persons 100 m 400 V, 2.8/5.5 kW, 3×16 A 15/30 m/min
15 P 1200 kg / 15 persons 100 m 400 V, 2×2.8/5.5 kW, 3×32 A 15/30 m/min