Duet high pivot window FDY-V U3 Duet proSky


  • FDY-VTwo sashes are placed in one window. The upper sash is opened like a pivot window but its axis of rotation is situated above the cetnre of the widow, so even tall person can approach the edge of theopen window. The lower sash is non-opening with external pane laminated (safe).
  • Window FDY-V eliminates the need for vertical combinations, hence offering larger glazing area.
  • Window operated by the use of handle positioned on the lower part of the sash.
    Handle equipped with two stage micro-ventilation.
  • Equipped with an automatic ventilator V40P provides the optimum amount of air into the room. V40P automatic air-inlet ensures a healthy micro-climate in the attic and saves energy.
  • Rotated sash is blocked by the bolt for cleaning at an angle of 160°.
Technical Specifications: FDY-V U3 Duet proSky
window U-value: 1,3 W/m2K
glazing U-value: 1,1 W/m2K
Rw coefficient: 32 dB
glazing: 4H – 16 – 4T
low emission coating: +
inert gass filled panes: +
toughened glass: +
air inlet type: V40P
air inlet air flow:  52 m3/h
varnishing: two times
seals: three
multi-point opening: +
handle: Elegant
Bottom sash:
glazing: 4H–16–33.1T (safe)
low emission coating: +
inert gass filled panes:: +
toughened glass: +

Available Sizes (cm):

78×186   78×206   78×235   78×255   94×186   94×206   94×235   94×255