Smoke ventilation window FSP P1

FSPThe FSP smoke ventilation window is an elements of the smoke ventilation system used for extraction of smoke and heat during a fire. It offers a special, innovative flap-like structure with the opened sash protecting the opening against the effects of a strong lateral wind. In the course of normal usage, it enables room ventilation and supply of daylight. It is equipped with two (24V) motors which raise the sash through a signal from the control system. Bear in mind that the window has to be installed in such a way that all its edges are below the roof ridge level. The FSP smoke ventilation window is manufactured and certified in accordance with the requirements of the harmonised standard EN 12101-2:2005. It is most frequently applied in staircases.


  • achieved classes as per EN 12101-2: RE 1000(+10000), SL 500, WL 1500, T(00), B300;
  • maximum sash opening angle: 75° in 51 seconds under full load;
  • application range in the roofs with pitches between 20° and 60° with a special flashing E_S;
  • made of vacuum impregnated pinewood, double-coated with acrylic lacquer;
  • 5 year warranty.

Technical parameters

SP8 motor


350 mm

power supply:

24 V DC

voltage rating:


spindle pushing force:

800 N

spindle drawing force:

800 N

spindle stroke rate:

7 mm/s

working temperature:
(+5°C) to (40°C)

(– 5°C) to (75°C)

power cable:

2x2x0,75 m² (2x1mb)

Available Sizes (cm):

78×140   94×140   114×118   114×140   134×98