Top hung OptiLight VK

OptiLight VKOptiLight VK are wooden roof windows with top hung structure providing functionality and comfort of use. Hinges design enables the sash to be opened in any position from 0 to 45 degrees, which allows an easy approach to the opened window. The open sash also provides a wide view to the outside and access to the roof e.g. in order to perform maintenance works.

OptiLight VK window is equipped with manually operated air inlet positioned in the top part of the frame. It provides fresh air up to 19m3/h (at a pressure difference of 10Pa) when the window is closed.

The window is closed with the use of the handle positioned at the lower part of the sash. It allows locking the window at three points: closed tightly and two micro-opening positions.

OptiLight VK window as a standard is equipped with insulated glazing unit with thickness of 24mm. The external glazing is made of toughened glass. Space between panes is filled with noble gas – argon. The window is also available in version with external pane with an easy maintenance layer.

The internal pane features a low emission coating, which minimizes heat losses in the room in the winter and reduces heat gains during the summer.
Glazing U-value = 1,1 [W/m2K].

The window is also available in non-standard version with external pane featuring easy maintenance layer (VKC), which prevents the build-up of dirt and helps to keep the external pane clean.

The technology of VK roof windows production and their appearance from the inside of the room causes that they can be joined with VB pivot windows into combinations.

Advantage of such solution is better illumination of the living space, high aesthetics, functionality and possibility of cleaning external pane in pivot as well as in top hung window.

Available sizes (cm):

78×98   78×118   78×140