Wood roof window OptiLight VB

OptiLightThe windows are equipped with 24mm thick, single chamber glazing units (4H-16-4T) providing outstanding insulating properties as well as excellent acoustic performance. Wooden elements of the OptiLight windows are made from especially sorted, highest quality pinewood which is bonded in layers, impregnated, and coated with an ecological acrylic finish. The wood is protected on the outer surface with weather and UV resistant aluminium profiles. The wooden sash has been equipped with plastic corners protecting those fragile areas from moisture. Metal cladding elements of OptiLight windows are made of suitably thick aluminium sheet which adds to their resistance to mechanical damage during transport, installation and window usage. The sheet is coated with polyester which is fully weather-resistant. OptiLight windows have a centre-pivoting construction. The hinges installed in the middle of the window allow the sash to be opened in a range of positions and to be rotated up to 180 degrees. The handle design enables tight closing and two positions of micro ventilation. The handle positioned at the bottom of the sash makes using the window easier and more comfortable, irrespective of the height at which the window is installed. Thanks to the construction of windows and flashings OptiLight windows can be installed on roofs at any pitch between 15 to 90 degrees. The air inlet of OptiLight VA type efficiency is up to 20 [m3/h]. It is the air quantity, which flows into the room through the  window with 78cm  or 114 cm width and pressure difference of 10 Pa. Windows with 78cm width and bigger  have in  the air-inlet slat 2 openings. In windows with  55 and  66 cm width, air-inlet efficiency will be respectively lower and  is 15 [m3/h]. The windows  with  55 and  66 cm width are equipped with  air-inlet slat with one opening. OptiLight windows has been equipped with taughened external glass.

Available sizes (cm):

55×78   55×98   66×98   66×118   78×98   78×118   78×140   114×118   134×98