Accessories for roof windows FAKRO and OptiLight

Fakro and OptiLight roof window accessories combine functionality and attractive design. Accessories are split into two types, external and internal.

Internal accessories are designed to fit every type of Fakro roof window. To choose a suitably sized accessory, you will need to know the dimensions of your window (printed on the data plate, located on the top of the window sash). A wide selection of awning blinds and rollers shutters designed to fit different types of roof window.

External accessories are fitted to reduce heat from the sun. Awning blinds and roller shutters reflect the sun, protecting the interior from excessive and uncomfortable heat gain. Our external accessories do not reduce the glazing surface area of the window.

A wide choice of designs and colours ensures you will find accessories to match any interior, giving you the scope to develop the look and feel you require.

Venetian blind AJP – can be adjusted to regulate the amount of light entering the room, by changing the angle of the slats. ajp
Standard roller blind ARS – is made of fabric, with a spring mechanism. ars
 Roller blind ARP arp
Blackout blind ARF – the aluminium runners which cover the fabric edge, the special seal in the lower aluminium slat and the material covering the outer face of the fabric (reflecting the sunrays) block incoming light completely, reducing incoming heat in summer and preventing heat loss in winter. arf
Pleated blind APS – provides a soft, diffused level of lighting the room, in colours to match the interior design. The pleating acts to stiffen the fabric. aps
Awning blinds AMZ – reflect the outside and not the inside light. They therefore protect against heat buildup on sunny days, providing relief for the eyes and protecting them from the harmful effects of strong reflected light. amz
Roller shutters ARZ – installed on the outside improve protection on sunny days from uncomfortable heat gain. The inside surface of the aluminium slats is covered with a special coating, which limits incoming heat. arz
The insect screen AMS ams
The control rod ZST – for operating in out-of-reach locations ZST
Modern electronic control system Z-Wave – for operating of roof windows installed above head height or out of easy reach. Electro control


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Accessories for roof windows FAKRO