Waterproofing film FAKRO KF 96 SILVER

Film KF 96 Silver with low vapour permeability is used in slope roof structures (simple roof structures) both above habitable and non-habitable loft spaces that do not require the use of membranes with high vapour permeability, or where there is a demand for more durable but less expensive material.


KF film has proved to be a good insulation material against moisture, which can penetrate in the structure through roofing like rain or snow, as well as protect it from the moisture caused by the condensate. When using the film KF two air ventilation gaps shall be made. They shall be made both between the roofing and the film and between the film and thermal insulating layer of wind protection.


Roll dimensions (m) 1,5*50 (75m2)
Weight 98 g/m2
7.5 kg
Number of layers 3
Vapour permeability (g/m2/24h) 30
Water permeability coefficient Sd (m) 1
Water column (m) 130
Longitudinal tensile strength (N/5 cm) 600
Transverse tensile strength (N/5 cm) 500
Operating temp. (0C) -40 to +80
UV resistance (months) 2
Fire resistance class F