Segment loft ladder with metal handrail LMS

LMSThe LMS loft ladder provides an easy access to the loft It consists of a metal ladder and beige energy- saving hatch with an insulation coefficient of 1.1W/m2K. The 36 mm thick, heat-insulating hatch significantly reduces heat loss. A peripheral seal positioned in the milled part of the box guarantees a first-classtightness. The ladder’s segment folding system and possibility to lock the hatch in fully open position ensure an ease of operation. The double hinges’ joints and string’s profile plugging guarante eahighladder durability. The patented hatch hinge’s corner prevents frame deformation.

Technical Specifications: LMS
maximum safe loading: 200 kg
insulation coefficient: 1.1 W/m2K
height of the casing: 14 cm
width of the step: 8 cm
distance between the treads: 25 cm
tread length: 34 cm
thermo-insulation thickness: 3 cm
Maximum height up 270 cm

Available Sizes (cm):

60 x 120        70 x 120