Rope hoists GEDA Star 250 Comfort, Star 200 Standard

Rope hoist GedaRope hoists for transporting materials on building sites. The light swivel arm hoists can be mounted anywhere on a building site such as scaffolds, windows, between floor and ceiling or at the roof up to a lifting height of 50 m. The variety of well-designed . load carrying devices allows a universal I use of those reliable machines. GEDA – Star 250 Comfort and Star 200 Standard can be erected by one person as the electrical winch unit can be separated from the swivel arm and also the working radius of the swivel arm can be adjusted.

Technical Data
Load Capacity
Lifting Height
Power Supply
Lifting Speeds
Star 250 Comfort
250 kg
max. 50 m
110/230 V, 1.00 kW, 1×16 A
28 m/min
Star 200 Standard
200 kg
max. 50 m
230 V, 1.00 kW, 1×16 A
22 m/min